How To Use?

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  • Register easily !

  • Create your company profile fast !

  • Create your job post in order to find fittest employee !

  • Reach the Seafarer that you are looking for asap !

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  • Register easily !

  • Create your profile fast !

  • List your jobs that you want via industrial filtering

  • Find your job that you are looking for asap !



Find the perfect & faster match

Find your job & employee easily with our advanced search engine.


Easy Interface

Be Up to Date via our Mobile Apps and Web Platform that are developed separately for Seafarers & Companies from all over the World.


Global CV

You'll have chance to find a job & employee from all over the World via creWin.


This is your life and time , so you deserve the best !

Create Your Profile

Create and fill out your profile. Enter as much information as possible, it's quite important.

Search for vacancies

Search for and apply for vacancies. It's easy. Sometimes employers will ask for an interview before hiring you.

Notification of Certificate, Health Card and Documents...

creWin sends notification & mail for end date info for renewing the documents us your preferences

Advanced Privacy

creWin was built with privacy in mind. CreWin keeps your files safe within the scope of law.


Grow your productivity with right crew

Reference Verification System

Increase the accuracy of information about seafarers

Know your Potential Employees

Reach to applicant's past performance information easily

Optimised Candidate Pool via Industry Specific Filters

Companies have a chance to find the most suitable employee at shortest time via our Technically Oriented Maritime Specialized Database

Industry Focused

Services and Options are specialized only for Maritime